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Organizing. Decor. Estate. & More!

Let's get down to the basics of home organization! If you do not know what home organizing is or do not know where to begin let Crossed & Dotted Organizing help, specializing in the services below. All services are custom to the client. If you do not see a service of interest below please contact for more information. We are an ever- growing company looking to help you take charge of your home again.

Digital Organizing

- Photography
- Recipes
- Documents

Packing/ Unpacking

- Pre Packing Edit
- Proper Packing
- Organized Unpacking Plan

Decorating/ Holiday

- Holiday Decorating
- Seasonal Decorating
- Revamping Your Space
- New Storage Solutions

Home Organization

- Play Rooms
- Offices
- Closets
- Decorations
- Cars
- Garages
- Storage Solutions
& More!

Estate Handling

Assistance in Selling, Donating, Dividing of Family Items and Appraisal Items. Packing/ Unpacking. 
- Local Realtor Contact

Home Central Station

- Cleaning Products
- Emergency Supplies
- Documents
- Home Functional Items
- Daily Task Items

Minimal Living

- Knowledge of Minimal Living.

- Sustainable Recommendations

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each individual client and home.

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